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ISSUE 280: Ever since the clocks leapt forward to provide a few extra hours of welcome daylight I've been out and about to as many evening pub meets as I can fit into my usually hectic schedule. I'm quite lucky as there are at least one or two classic pub meetings every week taking place around where I live and what never fails to impress is the sheer variety of vehicles turning up at these informal gatherings. From freshly restored Jag E-types, Ferraris and Aston Martins to Fiat 500s, Ford Zodiacs, Hillman Imps, MGs and TRs; there's usually a classic (or veteran) to suit all tastes at these meetings. Our fantastic hobby is a real social leveller too, and it's great to see the owner of a £250,000 DB5 chatting away to a keen young enthusiast about his immaculately detailed Renault 5 Turbo and vice versa. These contrasts in automotive tastes are what informal car meets are all about and a non-classic owning couple from the South Coast staying at one of the pub's hosting a recent meeting were amazed at how chatty and friendly everyone was. They told me they would definitely be hunting out similar events when they got home and were now seriously considering buying a classic sports car so they can join in the fun. The car that couple have in mind is based purely on nostalgia as the car used for their honeymoon nearly 45 years ago was a much-loved MG Midget. And it's that kind of nostalgia that continues to propel our hobby forward, as it’s either the first car we owned or the one dad or a family member used to drive us about in that often becomes the classic of choice.

Iain Wakefield
Senior Contributor