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ISSUE 225: I’ve spent the past week engaging in a strange sort of time travel, flitting between British Leyland’s past and its future. On Friday I was given a lift by managing director Phil over to Longbridge in his 13-reg MINI Clubman to pick up a 13-reg MG3. We then drove in convoy to the MINI factory in Oxford (the surviving remnant of the Morris works at Cowley) and then I had the MG for a weekend of testing; 851 miles of testing to be precise. Those miles included attending Pride of Longbridge. In the two years I have owned a Longbridge-built Austin-badged (sort of) car I have never taken it to Pride of Longbridge and this year was no exception as I was in the MG3, which took its place between an MG TD Midget and a Rover SD1. The MG3 is an objectively good car that deserves to do well. With MG making cars of this calibre and with the tenth anniversary of MG-Rover’s collapse approaching, maybe this is a time for some closure and more optimism; both looking forwards and backwards?

Jack Grover, Features writer



Classic Car Buyer can confirm that, contrary to reports in some parts of the national press, there are no plans to introduce a standardised ‘Euro-plate’ across the European Union.
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Coventry is the spiritual homeland of the British motor industry and the birthplace of marques such as Humber, Riley, Sunbeam, Triumph and Hillman. Now Coventry City Council and Coventry University are collaborating to put on Coventry MotoFest – ‘a celebration of motoring, film and music’, which will be held from Friday, May 30 to Sunday, June 1.
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